14. Details in respect of the information available to or held by it reduced in an electronic form 

The following details are available in the Infopark website at www.infoparkkochi.com for the general public.

  1. About Infopark
  2. Advantage Kochi
  3. List of existing and proposed IT infrastructure in Infopark
  4. List of Companies operating in Infopark
  5. List of service providers
  6. Policies

The following policies can also be downloaded from Infopark website.

  1. IT Policy- 2007
  2. IT Incentive manual - Kerala
  3. Energy Policy
  4. Industrial Policy

Other documents held in Infopark in electronic format are:

  1. Lease Deed (standard)- For Smart Business Center
  2. Lease Deed (standard)- For warm shell space
  3. Lease Deed (standard)- For land


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