10. Monthly scale of pay of Infopark employees

Position Designation Scale of Pay
M.S.I front office- executive Rs 4000-90-4090-100-6090-115-6895
MS II front office- executive Rs 4500-100-5000-125-7000
MS III sr executive Rs 4600-100-5000-125-5750-150-8000
MS IV supervisor Rs 5250-125-5750-150-8150
MS V sr supervisor Rs 5800-150-6100-175-9425
MS VI asst.officer/ asst.engineer Rs 7200-200-7800-225-11400
MS VII dy officer/dy engineer        Rs 7400-200-7800-225-11400-250-12150
MS VIII officer/engineer                  Rs 7600-200-7800-225-11400-250-12650
MS IX asst. manager Rs 7800-225-8475-250-12975
MS X dy manger Rs 9500-250-10500-300-11400-325-13675
MS XI manager Rs 10500-300-11400-325-12375-340-14075
MS XII sr. manager Rs 11300-225-12275-375-15275
MS XIII asst.general manager       Rs 12300-375-15300-400-16100
MS XIV dy. general manager          Rs 13400-375-15275-400-17275
MS XV general manager                Rs 15275-400-18075


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