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FullContact Technologies Pvt Ltd
Carnival Infopark, Phase IV, 9th Floor, 9-A, Kochi, Kerala 682042. Career enquiries:
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  • Senior Data Warehouse Engineer
    FullContact is seeking a Sr Data Warehouse Engineer to take ownership and innovate on its business intelligence reporting solutions. In this role you will work with leaders across the company to pull together data from multiple sources to tell a cohesive story about how the business is performing.

    FullContact prides itself in innovating and using new and emerging technologies. In order to track usage and revenue at FullContact the engineering team has built up several systems you will be plugging into:
    Microservices deployed with Docker and Kubernetes
    Streaming data updates processed by Apache Kafka
    A real time columnar analytics usage system powered by Apache Druid
    Petabyte scale data in S3

    Day to day responsibilities
    Design, build and maintain the corporate data warehouse
    Select and implement reporting tools to answer business questions for all stakeholders: from the brand new employee up to the CEO
    Maintain and build new ETL to get necessary data into data warehouse for display by BI tools
    Partner with product and engineering teams to ensure data flowing into the warehouse is accurate and up to date
    Partner with finance team to add new reports and address and fix reporting issues as they come up

    Skills and experience
    5+ years of database/data warehousing experience
    2+ years of basic programming experience
    SQL (Redshift, Postgres, MySQL, etc)
    ETL skills (using SQL, Python, others)
    Experience with running and managing database systems (understanding table designs, performance tuning)
    Basic programming and/or scripting knowledge (Python, Java, Bash)
    Basic familiarity with version control and CI/CD concepts (Git, Jenkins, etc)
    Familiarity with ETL automation tools (Matillion or others)
    Ability to bridge the technical and non technical worlds by working with senior company leadership
    Keen eye for data - can look at something and understand if it makes sense and help explain it to others

    Nice to haves
    Basic AWS experience (S3, RDS, EC2, etc)
    Experience with NoSQL
    Experience with Apache Druid and Apache Superset
    Basic experience with Apache Kafka

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