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Company Jobs >> Cognicor Technologies Pvt.Ltd
Cognicor Technologies Pvt.Ltd
4th Floor Thapasya Building, Infopark, Kusumagiri P.O Kakkanad, Kochi - 682030
  • Career Opportunities:
  • Full Stack Engineer
    Job Description

    Want to build a system as intelligent as you are? Want to be part of a team that’s working on creating the next level of AI?

    Our present and future work involve working on Flask/Django/Spring, Angular, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GPUs and Machine Learning. You can contribute in any space which will enable you to learn more about that domain.

    You will need a good eye for technical detail, the ability to initially work with existing systems whilst developing and socialising plans for future extensions, as well as good interpersonal skills. Ensuring timely delivery of the best systems and processes in an evolving research-oriented environment is a challenge which will stretch and extend your knowledge and abilities. You will have an impact in improving the quality of the deliverables from this group which will contribute to partner success by improving their time to market. If you strive for continuous improvement and are a hands-on team player this position would be of interest to you.

    Core Responsibilities

    Responsible for design, development, testing, and deployment of highly scalable
    distributed services.
    Software development of machine learning back-end (Deploying and Scaling the
    ML models)
    Building and managing dataset management pipeline
    Managing code and modules in production

    Essential Skills & Experience

    • Demonstrable proficiency and experience in Python.
    • Experience in REST API Development using Flask/Django/MongoDB.
    • In-depth Knowledge of code versioning using Git
    • Proficient experience using frontend JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as
    • Experience in Celery, Redis
    • Experience in Unix Shell

    Nice to know

    • It's even better if you are familiar with some of docker/kubernetes/jenkins/

    Education & Qualifications

    A university degree, ideally postgraduate or higher degree in Computer Science or a related field.
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