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Company Jobs >> Cognizant Technology Solutions
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Athulya, Infopark SEZ Kakkanad Kochi 682030
  • Career Opportunities:
  • Walk in drive @Cognizant - Kochi -16th November 2019
    Greetings from Cognizant !!!!

    Cognizant Kochi is Hiring for the below skills:


    1. Dot Net with Azure : 4 Yrs - 8 Years

    Job Description

    Experience in Designing Products
    Experience with event driven architectures using Kafka, Event hubs etc.
    Experience in decomposing monolithic applications into micro-services based architecture (domain driven and Capability based)
    Understanding of various micro-services architecture patterns (Bus pattern, CQRS, Event sourcing, Ambassador pattern, side car pattern etc)
    Experience with Azure services like API Manager, Blob storage, table storage, ARM template, AKS etc.
    Experience with Azure Service Bus, iPaaS solutions and various integration patterns.
    Experience in front end technologies (SPA), Javascript frameworks like Angular 5.0, React, Vue etc.
    Experience with API based service architecture like Backend for Frontend and composite UI
    Experience in engineering Cloud agnostic and Cloud Native Applications.
    Experience in cloud enablement - cloud strategy/planning, Architecting cloud solutions.
    Experience in Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Master Data Management, Data Governance and Data Quality.
    Experience in implementing ALM and DevSecOps. (github, Jira, confluence, bitbucket, Octopus deploy, Team city, Azure DevOps etc)
    Experience in Cognitive solutions and services.
    Experience in Security architecture - perimeter security, Identity, Access management etc.

    2. Front End Developer (Angular 4 and above with HTML and CSS) : 4 Yrs - 8 Years

    Job Description

    -Strong experience in using modern javascript frameworks, prefably angular.js 4+
    -Experience building HTML5, CSS4, SASS, typecript components in collaboration with UX team
    -Experience working on node.js (Express)
    -Strong experience of building CI/CD pipelines for modern javascript frameworks
    -Experience working on responsive designs for various form factors
    -Working with gitflow processes for code management and code reviews
    -Hands on experience on agile tools such as bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, Teamcity, Azure Devops, Gitlab etc.
    -Experience in a test driven development environment for modern javascript frameworks
    -Strong experience in translating UX artefacts and prototypes into code
    -Exposure to automated performance and security testing for front end applications
    -Any exposure to the following will be advantageous
    -Micro-frontend implementations
    -Ecommerce applications
    -Design Systems
    -Liferay and Java
    -Streaming platform such as Apache Kakfa

    3. Backend Developer (NodeJS with Micro services) : 4 Yrs - 8 Years

    Job Description

    -Strong experience in building microservices and apiís using the following: node.js & Java.
    -Strong experience in working with event-driven architectures with at least one of the following: SAGA, event sourcing, CQRS, Kafka streaming
    -Strong experience in building CI/CD pipelines for microservices and apiís with at least some tools such as bitbucket, teamcity, octopus deploy, azure devops, gitlab
    -Experience working with API technologies on RESTFUL or SOAP
    -Experience in designing and building databases that support microservices with technologies such as SQL Server, Mongo DB as well as implementing caching with tools such as Redis, Memcache
    -Strong experience in working with cloud technologies, Microsoft Azure preferred, including API management technologies
    -Experience in a test driven development environment for microservices
    -Experience in using productivity tools for microservices such as swagger hub, postman, soapUI
    -Exposure to performance testing microservices using tools such as JMeter
    -Exposure to security technologies such as SAML, OAuth, OpenId Connect, key vaults
    -Exposure to application logging and monitoring such as AppInsights, ELK, Splunk
    -Working with gitflow processes for code management and code reviews
    -Exposure to automated security testing
    -Any exposure to the following will be advantageous
    -Event Streaming platform such as Apache Kakfa
    -Exposure to iPAAS integration tools such as DELL BOOMI, Mulesoft
    Microsoft Azure environment (API Management/ App Services/ Service Bus / Functions/ Table storage/ ARM templates)
    -Kong LUA
    -Docker and Kubenetes

    4. Kafka Engineer : 4 Yrs - 8 Years

    Job Description

    Design and develop robust secure and scalable platform using kafka as architectural backbone. Perform optimization and tuning of Kafka and creating best practices, standards.
    Create stubs for producers, consumers and consumer groups for helping on board applications from different languages/platforms. Work with Enterprise Architecture team in identifying and implementing use cases best suited for Kafka.
    Provide technical expertise in scoping end to end business requirements and assist in reflecting them in implementation for different Kafka connectors.
    Conduct technical reviews of integration implementation and assess the quality of integration solutions built on Kafka.
    Experience and knowledge
    Experience in using common kafka patternsKstreams, Ktable, Global Ktable, Ksql). Experience setting up kafka brokers, connectors , schema registry.
    Strong knowledge on Kafka partition concepts, Replication and ISR.
    Strong experience in one of the programming language( Java, .Net, Nodejs) Experience working on confluent platform is mandatory.
    Strong experience in working with event-driven architectures using kafka.
    Strong experience in kafka security ( Encryption of data in-flight , Authentication / Authorization). Experience in monitoring and alerting on kafka ecosystem.
    Experience in implementing applications leveraging common patterns including lambda and similar architectures. Experience with scripting and orchestration using any scripting language ( eg. shell scripting)
    Strong experience in solution design using common design patterns.
    Experience in Agile Scrum and development of continuous integration and test driven development environments
    Skills and attributes
    Minimum 3+ years of experience in using Apache kafka / Confluent platform. 2+ years of experience stream-processing systems: Kafka streams
    5+ years of experience in any programming language ( java/.Net/ node js) Experience in any sql/nosql database.
    Experience working in a legacy transformation project
    Strong systems, problem solving and analytical skills; exceptional verbal & written communication skills Excellent self-learner with high aptitude to acquire and master new technology skills

    Interview Date: 16 Nov 2019, Saturday
    Interview Time: 9:30 AM
    Venue : Cognizant Technology Solutions, 3rd floor, Muthoot Technopolis,
    Seaport-Airport Rd, CSEZ,
    Kakkanad, Kerala Ė 682037

    If interested, please share your resume to


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